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Spiffy Dog Pet Products :: Sizing Info

Sizing Info

How to tell what size Air Dog Collar your dog needs:

The best way to measure for a collar size is take a string or rope and wrap it around the dogs neck. Hold snug but, not tight (you should be able to slip 2 fingers in between the string and the dogs neck). Mark with your finger, marker or tape. Then lay marker next to ruler or measuring tape. If your measurement is say 16 1/4" round up to 17".

Air Collar
Collar Size Chart
Small 10"- 15"
Medium 13" - 20"
Large 16" - 26"

Ltd. Slip Air Collars
Allow 1"+ to be able to slide over dogs head. When placed on dog tighten to where you can slip no more than 2 fingers between the collar and the dogs neck.
Ltd. Slip Collar Size Chart
Medium 16" - 20"
Large 20" - 26"

The Air Collar and The Ltd. Slip collar have 2 plastic buclkes that look like a belt buckle. These buckles are called Slip Locs. The reason we put 2 slip locs on our collars is, the second slip loc (The one between both black buckles) gives extra tension on the collar where it won't loosen. When you are finished sizing the collar to you dog's neck place the second slip loc exactly in between the other 2 buckles. This ensures maximum strength and also leaves little or no slack between the 2 collar layers.

Let em' Lead Dog Leash sizing:
For Medium and Large collars use 1" leash
For Small collars use 3/4" leash

For more information or questions on sizing please call 970.870.6164 , ext 450


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