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Spiffy Dog Pet Products :: Spiffy Dog Air Harness

Spiffy Dog Air Harness
The Newest Innovation from Spiffy Dog.

We are excited to announce the introduction of The Air Harness by Spiffy Dog.

Using our quick drying mesh material, we will now have 3 sizes and 4 great patterns of a brand new type of harness. Here at Spiffy Dog, we recognize the need for a harness in everyday canine activity, in particular with smaller dogs. To alleviate any strain on the trachea, a harness is a great solution, and often the preferred method over a collar.

As any dog owner will tell you, many dogs pull and a harness takes pressure off the dog’s neck as the connection to the dog’s harness is closer to the dog’s center of gravity rather than having the dog only attached at the collar. Many dog trainers and competitors, as well as pet owners, use and recommend the use of harnesses.

A collar, while it can look very nice on the dog and is ideal for hanging its ID tag, can also put pressure on the neck and wind pipe of the dog and can encourage him or her to pull on the lead. By walking the dog on a harness it takes that pressure off the neck and can help stop dogs pulling and cut down on lead frustration.

Small-Fully adjustable 10"-20" chest. 1/2" width(like our petite collar). Dachshunds, Yorkies, etc.

Medium-Fully adjustbale 20"-30" chest. 1" width. Terries, Cocker Spaniels, Shelties, etc.

Large-Fully adjustable 30"-40" chest. 1" width. Shepherds, Retrievers, Dobermans, etc.

Patterns: Red Bones, Yellow Paws, Purple with Red Stripe, Pink Paws on Grey.


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