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Spiffy Dog Pet Products :: The Air Collar---The World's Most Comfortable Dog Collar!

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    Air Dog Collar
    The Air Dog Collar is the newest innovation in dog collar technology. It is made of soft Nylon Aerospacer, a material that is commonly used in footwear because it is breathable and durable. The Air Dog Collar is the perfect collar for swimmers but also short haired dogs or dogs with allergies because it does not chafe like leather and webbing collars. Comes in three adjustable sizes and many styles!

    Limited Slip Collar
    This training collar is made of Nylon Aerospacer to have all the same great benefits as the Air Collar with a limited choke feature!
    •Lightweight, Comfortable and Breathable.
    •Limited 2 1/2 in of tightening pressure.
    •Comfortable alternative training aid.
    •Easy to use and comes in four great styles.

    Staying Alive Vest
    This is a great safety piece for your best friend for night time strolls or hikes during hunting season!
    •Made from orange 1000D nylon and reflective striping.
    •Attaches using 2 side release buckle.
    •Adjustable to fit 40-110lb dogs.

    Pocket Treats Bag
    This lightweight treat bag is great for all types of training!
    •Clips to anything with small carabiner.
    •Can be worn on a belt.
    •Carries a handful of treats.
    •Zippered closure.
    •Comes in two colors.

    Double Trouble
    Connect a leash and couple 2 dogs on the same lead 4layer elastic shock absorber system Made from 1"nylon heavy duty webbing and 1"nylon elastic Lightweight leash for easy storage-great for the trail runner and her buddy because it balls up easily in your hand and can be easily stored in a glove box so you always have it when you need it!

    Lightnin Lead
    Small and easy snap hook for fast clipping to dog collars Made from 1/2"nylon webbing 4 feet long

    Let em Lead

    Finally a safety product for you and your dog that really works. The idea for the DRP's comes from our friend, Royce Meyers-he came up with the idea while walking his Black Lab "Bo" at night in Denver. The DRP's are unique because they attach to your dogs legs and move when the dog moves. The highly reflective material is easily noticed when light hits them. So what you see is flashes moving rapidly drawing your attention to the dog. These are great for hunting dogs or our heroic search and rescue dogs. Sizing: The DRP's are designed to be cut and sized to your dog's legs. When you receive your DRP's there will be directions on cutting and sizing to fit your dogs legs. Will your dog wear the DRP's? Yes! At first your dog will act like he or she is walking in wet cement, but as soon as the activity starts, quickly forgets they are wearing them.

    Water Bowls
    Don't let your best buddy go thirsty! Carry our collapsible water/food bowl wherever you go, whether on the trail or on the road. Keep one in the glove compartment along with the Light' nin Lead and you will always have what you need for an impromptu adventure!

    •Clips easily to belt or pack.
    •Lightweight and collapsible for easy storage.
    •Constructed of 400D pack cloth so it is abrasion resistant and water proof.
    •Comes in three sizes and 4 different colors.

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